Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is your definition of a loft?

There are many different definitions of a loft. Lofts should have tall ceilings and an open floor plan. It should have exposed ceilings and ductwork with original hardwood or concrete floors. If it's two stories high, part of the upper floor would overlook the lower floor.


Why isn't a particular property classified as a loft?

We use the definition above. If it is a loft or loft-like, we will be happy to add it to the loft directory. If a loft project is missing, please submit a request and we will research it.


Where do you get your information?
We gather and verify data from various sources. We start with the websites for the property and developer as well as any articles. We also research data from city government agencies, planning boards, architects, and construction companies. Our property descriptions focus on fact-based information and exclude the sales pitch.

Why don't you have details or pricing about a specific unit for sale or rent?
We do not track the details, pricing, and availability of specific units because there are better sources. We hope our directory helps you in your search since there is no other comprehensive directory.

Where can I find information about a specific unit for sale or rent?
Contact the realtor, developer, or apartment property manager. We include website and contact names if available.

What geographic areas do you cover?
We focus on the City of Pittsburgh. Here is a list of neighborhoods.




How can I get my development listed?

Please submit the following information to get listed. In exchange, we would greatly appreciate if "" is added as a source for leads to your registration page.

  • Building name and website
  • Address, city, state, and zip code
  • Neighborhood name, if applicable
  • Developer and marketing/sales agent name plus contact phone number for interested buyers or renters
  • Number of units, types of units, number of floors, etc.
  • Features of units including any that are loft-like (e.g., concrete ceilings, exposed ductwork, mezzanine level overlooking a lower floor, height ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, barn doors, industrial finishes, and open floor plans).
  • Delivery date

Why is some of the information outdated?

With so many different developments, it's difficult to keep up with all the changes. We rely on developers, real estate agents, buyers, and others to provide up-to-date information. Please submit an update and it will be posted.


How can I update information about a development?
We welcome updates from developers, realtors, buyers, etc. Please submit your update and it will be posted.


How can I advertise my project, unit for sale/rent, services, or products?

Contact us to learn more about advertising.


Who can I contact about information on this website for media purposes?

Click here to contact us.